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Training center

This is where it all takes place. Your training, your goals. Analyse your data and tap into your training resources.

Activity uploads

Every activity you sweat out, you upload. Every uploaded activity will be analysed against training goals set out in your personalised training plan.

News / platform notifications

To remain on track and stay motivated you will need little reminders. Training notifications will let you know if you are keeping on track, motivate you if you slip and congratulate you when you shine.

Activity reports & graphs

Training is training but precise analysis can help you understand the figures. Use simple graphs and reports to receive visual feedback on your training goals. Know you are going, because you know where you want to be.

Training schedules / calendars

Stay organised and on track with simple-to-use training schedules and calendars. Here you can view monthly, weekly and daily sessions. Every day is set out and planned to give your schedule structure.

Community forum

Chat with like-minded athletes. Chat with Emma. Get to know your community and the knowledge that lies beneath.

Advanced training resources

Premium members can tap into resources that will make them feel like a pro. Give yourself the best - you only have one shot at every event you enter. Make it count.

Direct coaching support

Do you want to have a personalised service? If so, you need direct coaching support. You need to go premium. Receive contact directly with Emma alongside a program that been completely tweaked to fit your life, every single day.