Set your goals

Select your sport, input your goals and decide on your plan type.

You will receive a training plan according to your level of ability - development, intermediate, advanced or elite. This is set by you; How fast do you want to go? How hard do you want to train? If you just want to keep fit, set your goals a little easier. Your goals, your plan. All you need to do now is to follow your program. If you would like coach input, contact me...I will be watching your uploads!!


Enjoy training & chase training goals

Every training session has a number of training targets to aim for.

Enjoy training and train with a purpose. Each workout has your own goals - distance, time, heart rate and power. These goals are there to show you what you are capable of through the tougher workouts, and to also hold you back on your easier sets. With these little stepping stones of motivation, your training will reap the results you are after. Be a pro and chase your heart rate. Be hardcore and chase time, heart rate and power all in 1 session. Miss them and the training trackers will know.


Interact with your training centre

Login to your training centre, use your calendar and tap into your training resources.

You have your own training centre, set to your own goals with your own training trackers. Login and check your calendar, use your resources to read about the extra little things you can do to improve your exercise routine, and check out how your weekly kilometre tally is going with the rest of the community. Stay ahead of the game!


Upload & analyse

You trained well today...or did you..?

When you upload your training output, your program will match your results with each training workout goals. Some will be met, some will be missed. Get them all, and you have a prefect row of green ticks. Lots of green ticks through your training calendar, and you will be well on your way to achieving your goals. It is a simple process of coaching feedback. Success does not need to be complicated.