Plyometrics or weights?

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This article, we are going to look at whether plyometrics or weight training is better for running improvement in triathlon.  Plyometrics and weight training when done correctly can have a profound impact on your running economy.  Running economy is what we are after, as it enables you to run more efficiently.  The stronger your muscles […]

Nutrition in Lockdown

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The current lockdown requirements worldwide have directly affected your ability to maintain your regular training sessions. With a change in routine, it is important to establish a new routine, plan your workouts, work on your self-development, remain focussed on what you can do and most of all look after yourself. Looking after yourself includes your […]

Self care and injury prevention

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As we all return to a new normal in training (some earlier than others), your body will need time to adjust to your new varied training environment.  This adjustment will probably bring with it some muscle soreness.  Today we are going to look at when this muscle soreness is simply soreness, and when it may […]

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