Beginner swim, bike and run tips

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A triathlon can be a daunting challenge. The three disciplines of swimming, biking and running all require a specialist skill, and a specific technique. below I have tried to focus on the key tips a beginner would find useful when tackling a triathlon for the first time. Beginner swim tips For someone new to swimming, […] training philosophies explained

Tip & News

If you are reading this, you have probably signed onto one of my training plans, or are considering doing so. While I provide a number of resources on my site for my athletes to use to interpret their training programs, and I also provide some short interpretations for each session, understanding your training plan for […]

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It is time to take time for you!! Womens fitness sessions that work. Fun, simple and done in an hour. Perfectly timed for post school drop off, grab your friends, come along and join the fun. For ALL levels of fitness – newbies are perfect…experts not allowed!! What are the details..? Mondays – 9.30am Tan […]