Refund and Returns Policy

Online products and merchandise:

Should you receive any defective merchandise products from sales we will need to verify the fault and replace it if deemed faulty. If no replacement version is available we will refund your money.

Products purchased on from another supplier will be returned to that supplier and their refund policy will be implemented. Emma Carney Training Pty Ltd does not handle refunds and returns for other suppliers. Subscriptions can be cancelled with details under our Cancellation Policy.

Events, Camps & Webinars

There is no refund payable for events, camps & webinars after the event. Any cancellation must be made under the cancellation policy before the event.

Cancellation Policy

Should you wish to cancel your subscription, we will refund the balance of the outstanding months pre paid (i.e. If your subscription entitled you to 4 months for the price of 3, we will calculate your refund as 25 per cent of your payment) or the proportion of the time left on your subscription (i.e. with a 12 month subscription, if you cancel after 8 months, we will calculate your refund as 33.3 per cent of your payment) less an AUD$50 administration fee and less any transaction charges that will be incurred as part of the refund. We will provide you with a breakdown of your refund.
Once ordered, a training program may not be cancelled for the first month, as they are produced on demand. Should a product be defective we will, of course, provide a replacement.


Camps & Webinars:
Refunds for events, camps & webinar registrations shall be paid as follows, less any bank transaction fees incurred by Emma Carney Training Pty Ltd during the refund process. Over 3 months before the event – full refund, between three months and one month to the event – 85 per cent refund, between four weeks and two weeks before the event – 50 per cent refund. No refund is payable for cancellation within two weeks of the event. Substitutions of registrations can be made at no cost at any time, as long as they are provided in writing to Emma Carney Training Pty Ltd and there is sufficient room in another event, camp or webinar.